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Latex Admix (CS62L)

  • Used with patching products
  • Improved adhesion to both old and new surfaces
  • Reduces cracking and spalling of tile grout joints
  • Improved resilience for thermal movement
  • Reduced absorption of grout joints
  • Improved resistance to water infiltration

MoistureTEK 9125T-00001

• 2-part epoxy that dries to a semi-gloss grey finish  
• Up to 25 lbs. CC and 100% RH – no moisture testing required 
• Up to 14 pH – no testing required 
• 300-350 SF/kit - 1/8” x 1/8” x 1/8” V-notch squeegee    

Ultracap SLU

Portland cement-based poured underlayment 
• No mechanical preparation required for most applications 
• Ideal over concrete and wood subfloors 
• Fast application and fast setting allows for quick return of normal  trade traffic 
• Smooth, crack-resistant surface 
• Can be stained, polished or used by itself as a finished  floor with an appropriate coating system

ProPatch Plus (CS58E)

• Interior and Exterior
• Installer friendly
• Initial set in 1/2 hour
• Compatible bond with all floor covering adhesives
• Ideal for patching and leveling from featheredge to 1/2"
• 12 – 13 s.f. per bag at ¼" thickness
• 25-lb. bag / 96 per pallet

ProPatch XF (CS75K)

  • Ideal for patching and leveling from featheredge to 1/4’’
  • Fast Setting
  • Ideal for vinyl (VCT), carpet, glued-down floor coverings, ceramic tile, and stone tiles
  • Embossed floor leveler
  • Compatible bond with all floor covering adhesives
  • 25 s.f. per bag at 1/8" thickness - 12 to 13 s.f. per bag at ¼" thickness
  • 25-lb. bag / 96 per pallet

Self Leveling Underlayment Primer (CS55E)

• For use with SLU
• Increases bond strength
• Inhibits rapid water loss

Underlay C (CS53E)

• Easy to install by screed or trowel
• Excellent bond to concrete, wood and metal with minimal preparation
• Trowels to a smooth and uniform finish
• Cures in 6 – 8 hours
• Crack resistant and fire retardant
• Good thermal and acoustical insulating properties
• May be installed from 1/8" to 3". Consult manufacturer for elevations over 3" thick

Underlay SLU - 50 lb bag (CS54E)

• Self leveler • Quick-setting • Ideal for leveling from featheredge to 3/4” thickness • Installer-friendly • Minimal labor required • Up to 4100 PSI once cured • 50-lb. bag / 48 per pallet

USG Advanced Skim Coat

  • Premium, trowelable patch and skim coat
  • Install flooring in as little as 15 minutes
  • Easy mixing and smooth finish over various substrates
  • Can be used as an embossing leveler
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USG QuikTop

USG Durock Brand Quik Top self-leveing underlayment is a cementitious product designed for use in commerical, institutional and rehab constructions.
  • Minimizes downtime for repair and renovation
  • Can be used with any finished floor covering
  • Can be stained or used as a finished floor
  • Low prep, no shotblasting required. Just prime and go!
  • Available in gray or white
  • Strength up to 10,000 psi
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USG Tuf-Skim

USG Durock™ Brand Tuf-Skim™ Floor Patch is specifically designed to bond to gypsum-based underlayments, but can be used over interior wood and concrete subfloors. Its reduced water demand allows for quicker drying times and:

  • Is UL Classified for use in fire-rated assemblies
  • Is fast-setting with an exceptionally strong bond and no shrinkage
  • Requires no priming over most surfaces
  • Can be troweled any thickness in small, well-defined areas; featheredge to ½ in. (13 mm) in large areas
  • Mixes easily, provides a smooth finish and is crack-resistant
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