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13” Replacement Blade (QP542)

• Tungsten-steel blade for a long-lasting working life and sharp, clean cutting edge • Professional-quality replacement blades for use in No. 10-94 ROBERTS Multi-Floor Cutter

20 Tooth Carbide Blade (QP533)

• Extra tough carbide tip
• Cuts door jambs and baseboards
• For ROBERTS 10-46, 10-55 and 10-56

25” Multi Cutter (QP543)

The Roberts 25 in. Multi-Floor Flooring Cutter is the perfect tool for most flooring projects. This guillotine-style cutter is designed to cut most types of flooring materials up to 5/8 in. (16 mm) thick. The durable blade provides a long working life and sharp, clean cutting edge for a 1 cut operation. The cutting guide quickly swivels and locks in place for accurate angle cuts. Because the guide is fully adjustable, it's easy to maintain perfectly square cuts, even after years of use. In addition, this cutter features feet to raise the platform off of the ground and large wheels for easy transport.
• For cutting carpet tile, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, VCT tile, LVT tile, rubber/foam tile and PVC
• Replaceable 4 mm thick tungsten blade
• Extendible handle provides extra leverage for more cutting power with less effort
• Cuts flooring up to 25 in. wide, 17 in. diagonal and 5/8 in. (16 mm) thick
• Cutting guide swivels for angle cuts and is adjustable to maintain perfect 90 cuts
• Eccentric cam (off center cam) design provides smooth, constant cutting pressure for clean cuts
• Large cutting table stabilized larger planks
• Extruded aluminum base with extra support and thick plastic cutting surface
• Includes Allen wrench for blade and nylon bar change
• Roberts 10-468 25 in. replacement blade sold separately

3” Replacement Bumper Pad (QP529)

3 in. thick replacement bumper pad. Includes 4 screws.

30’ Measuring Tape (QP560)

The Roberts 30 ft. Tape Measure can be used indoor and outdoor and measures up to 30 ft. The case is rugged and has a red rubber jacket for a secure grip. The blade is steel acrylic coated to ensure durability.

• 30 ft. x 1 in. steel acrylic coated blade
• Rugged case with red rubber jacket
• Bright colors for easy to find visibility
• Strong spring return, thumb lock
• Steel belt clip

36 Tooth Carbide Blade (QP534)

• Extra tough carbide tips
• Cuts door jambs and baseboards
• For ROBERTS 10-56, 10-55 and 10-46

7” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper (QP552)

• 48 in. handle and foot peg provide better scraping leverage
• Carbon steel blade is extremely durable
• Solid, welded construction provides stability and toughness

Blue Fin Seaming Iron (QP035)

Bottom Replacement Blade 18” Cutter (QP556)

Carpet Groomer (QP558)

• For fast, thorough carpet care and maintenance
• Designed for comfortable use in small or large areas
• Stores easily in small closets

Carpet Installation Kit (QP540)

The Roberts 10-750 Deluxe carpet installation kit contains everything you need to professionally install wall to wall carpeting. This complete kit includes 23 essential tools, which come conveniently packed in the included 24 inch steel tool box.

Carpet White Lightening Knife (QP040)

Caulk gun for cove base adhesive and grout caulks (QP012)

Chalk Line (QP523)

• Wide door for quick and easy chalk fill. Refill 10-321 White
• 100' abrasion-resistant poly line provides 5-6 strikes per pull.
• Robust steel handle and large center hub for increased durability, strength and torque.
• 1:1 gear ratio.
• Tear-drop shape for use as a plumb bob.

Cheese Cloth (QP561)

• Polishes your tile for a shiny, bright finish
• Removes grout after installation
• Mesh construction for great results

Concrete Moisture Meter, 0 to 6 Percent (QP195)

CoolShield Heat Bond Iron (QP530)

• Patented double heat shield minimizes deforming of carpet backing and face yarn
• “S” shaped heating element provides even heating and longer heat retention
• Grooved non-stick base for fast, easy clean-up
• “Comb Profile” forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams
• Streamlined, low profile design allows for easy carpet seaming
• 3-way cord guide keeps the 9-1/2′ (2.9m) cord out of the way
• Thermostat indicator light shows when iron is heating

Deluxe Heat Bond Seaming Iron (QP531)

• Thick sole plate retains heat and maintains even temperature for thorough melting during carpet installation
• Adjustable thermostat and insulated, stainless steel heat shield protects backing from overheating
• Contoured, stay-cool handle make this iron safe and easy to use
• Grooved base forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams
• Non-stick coating for fast, easy clean-up

Duct Tape (QP550)

• For general purpose use
• Adhesive bonds when pressed in place
• Flexible and fabric reinforced

Electric Stapler, 5418 (QP084)

F3 Stabilizer Knee Pads (QP527)

• XL Patella Gel Zone with extended core for total knee support
• Memory foam conforms to the shape of the knee for a custom fit
• Soft Cap Stabilizer for hard or soft surfaces
• 5 Layer Comfort System provides cushion for your whole knee

Feedback Data Logger EZ Kit

- Bluetooth BLE enabled for use with mobile devices.
- Up to 100,000 data point entries possible.
- Instant set up and start modes.
- Used to perfom ASTM F2170.
- Ambient and In-situ RH and temperature logging
- Intuitive and instructive APP interface.
- Adjustable interactive chart, spreadsheet, report and easy-export functions.
- Connectivity up to165ft (50 meters) for highly accessible data downloads.

Floor Scraper 4W x 12L (QP019)

Flooring Installation Kit (QP547)

• Kit includes a tapping block, pull bar and 30 Wedge spacers
• Pull bar is ideal for use in tight spaces, such as against a wall
• Use the wedge spacers to create a perimeter Expansion gap when installing laminate and other floating floors

Glue Gun, 100 Watt, Seam Sealing (QP025)

Glue Gun, 300 Watt Tack Strip (QP026)

Glue Sticks for Tack Strip (QP027)

Hammer Tacker Heavy Duty (QP033)

Hammer Tacker Type Pad Pro 75 (QP113)

Heavy Duty 4 Stripper Blade 036 (QP351)

Heavy Duty Sponge (QP526)

• Professional extra large premium sponge for grouting and clean up
• Unique hydrophiliated design provides high water holding capacity
• Rounded edges minimize "digging out" or marring of grout 
• 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 1.875"

Hook 0100 Heavy Duty Blades (QP004)

Jamb Saw Replacement Blade 6" (QP146)

Jamb Saw Undercut (QP093)

Knife Carbon Steel Linoleum 6.5 Overall (QP039)

Kool Glide Seaming Iron (QP042)

Kool Glide Seaming Tape Premium Coated (QP043)

Kool Glide Seaming Tape Utility (QP044)

Kool Glide Seaming Tape Vinyl LVP (QP045)

Laminate Wedge Spacers (QP548)

• Dimensions: 2.40" L x 1.34" W
• Thickness: .08" to .28"
• Used to create a perimeter expansion gap when installing laminate and other floating floors
• Prevents the flooring from moving during installation
• 30 wedges per bag

Longneck Plus (QP532)

• Boasts comfort grip handles for a secure hold
• Designed to easily cut door jambs
• Provides a long neck design for precision cuts
• Vacuum Port for Dust Containment
• Comes with case

Loop Pile Cut Trimmer Blades (QP005)

Mallets (SKU QP141 & QP140)

• Powernail offers several types of mallets, including the single-head and double-head models with standard white no-mar caps.
• QP141 features the Single Head
• Replacement Cap with ring QP142

Mallets Replacement Cap W/ Ring (QP142)

• For Mallets (SKU QP141 & QP140)

Masonary Blade (QP535)

4 1/4" replacement blade for Roberts 10-40 Undercut Jamb Saw

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (QP562)

• For grout clean up after tiling and everyday cleaning
• High absorbency for efficient drying
• Machine washable and good for the environment

Mixing Paddle (QP538)

Mixing Paddle is a high quality, heavy-duty, 1-piece mixing paddle with a 5.5″ mixing head and a shaft length of 24″. This mixing paddle is used as a replacement or additional paddle for the QEP 21660 & 21610 Power Mixers, or for the Perles ME110 & ME120 Power Mixing Machine. It also fits any other mixer that accepts a M-14 threaded tool fitting

Mixing Paddle, 3/8 in Shaft, 8-3/8 in Head (QP051)

Nailer Pneumatic Cleats 1 (QP056)

• 1″ Length L-100205
• Now you can install 5/16″ to 9/16″ flooring with confidence using the new 20 Ga. L-Cleat nails with the Model 200 trigger-pull nailer. Using thin, 20 Ga. thick cleats ensures more consistent control and less split-out on even the thinnest flooring.

Nippers End Cutting, 9" overall length (QP063)

Paint Roller Cover (QP064)

Paint Roller Handle (QP065)

Porta-Jack (QP557)

• Straightens crooked or bowed flooring strips
• Delivers over 1 ton of force
• Teflon-coated base provides protection for prefinished floors

Power Mixer Pro (QP537)

The 2-Speed Power Mixer helps mix your mortar, thinset and grout for installing tiles. The mixer is designed to handle viscous material and can run at 700 rpm for powerful, efficient mixing. Ergonomic handle helps reduce fatigue.

• Specially designed paddle for fast and effective mixing of viscous materials
• Motor housing is lightweight and impact resistant
• High-torque, 2-speed 1,300-Watt motor for powerful mixing
• Variable speed finger-tip control dial prevents splashing at startup
• Strong enough to mix cement as well as thinset, grout and mortar
• Chuck kit included for use with any non-threaded mixing paddle
• Includes chuck kit for use with non-threaded mixer paddles

Power Mixer w/Paddle, 2 Speed, 110V (QP050)

Pro Shop 5 Gal Pail 8U534 (QP363)

Pro Tapping Block (QP545)

• Pushes planks together while you hammer them into place
• Sturdy handle grip for stability
• Protects the edges of laminate and wood flooring

Professional Utility Knife (QP185)

• Lightweight and heavy duty to cut all types of flooring, including carpet, padding, linoleum and sheet vinyl
• Easy-open knob with bail to make blade changes more convenient
• Checkered handle for a slip resistant grip
• Uses standard replacement blades with 1, 2, or 3 positioning slots on top
• Handle stores additional standard or heavy duty utility blades, three blades included

Razor Blade Carpet Knife (QP549)

• Features safety guards to keep blade firmly in place
• Easy-open knob with bail to make blade changes more convenient
• Checkered handle for a slip resistant grip
• Rugged lightweight precision die cast aluminum
• Handle stores additional heavy duty slotted blades, three blades included

Replacement Blade 25” (QP544)

• Tungsten Carbide
• Use with Roberts 10-68 and 10-95 Flooring Cutters

Replacement Bumper Pad 2” (QP528)

2 in. thick replacement bumper pad fits Roberts 10-410, 10-412, 10-422BK and 10-501 kickers. Includes 4 screws.

Reversible Floor Scraper (QP551)

Scrapers, Nonsparking No, Stiff, Blade Type Beveled, Blade Width 3-1/4 In., Blade Material Carbon Steel, Handle Material Galvanized Steel, Reversible Floor Scraper, Blade Length 4 In., Handle Length 59-3/8 In., Color Silver, Handle Design Ergonomic, No. of Edges 2, Overall Length 63-3/8 In.

Roberts 100lb Roller (QP565)

• Heavy duty roller for pressing flooring evenly into adhesive
• Segmented, chrome-plated rollers ensure even transfer of adhesive to flooring
• Removable 30 in. handle for easy transport and convenient storage
• Rubber grips for comfort
• Detachable transport wheel assembly kit for easy transport, upright support, and protection of segmented rollers included

Roberts 13” Floor Cutter (QP541)

• Guillotine-style cutter cuts up to 13” wide and 5/8″ (16mm) thick
• Extruded aluminum base with solid plastic surface as a comfortable working area
• Long handle provides extra leverage for more cutting power with less effort
• Movable guide allows 45 degree angle cuts
• Replaceable tungsten-steel blade provides a long-lasting working life and sharp and clean cutting edge

Roberts 18” Vinyl Cutter (QP554)

• Cuts 18 in. horizontally or 12 in. vinyl tiles diagonally
• Steel blade
• Built-in casters for maneuverability
• Rubber feet for stability
• Clearly marked measuring guide and 45-degree miter guide

Roberts 75lb Roller (QP564)

• Heavy duty roller for pressing flooring evenly into adhesive
• Segmented, chrome-plated rollers ensure even transfer of adhesive to flooring
• Removable 30 in. handle for easy transport and convenient storage
• Rubber grips for comfort
• Detachable transport wheel assembly kit for easy transport, upright support, and protection of segmented rollers included

Round Corner Carpet Knife Blades (QP002)

Scraper 4 Blades (QP006)

Scraper 8 Blades (QP007)

Seam Tape S 120 (QP079)

Sharpening Stone (QP563)

The QEP Diamond Blade Sharpening Stone is designed to help remove buildup on diamond blades that decreases cutting performance over time. Cutting into the QEP Diamond Blade Sharpening Stone assists in exposing fresh diamonds located in the rim of the blade, maximizing blade efficiency and cut quality. Compact and small enough to take with you to every project.

• Exposes fresh diamonds in the blade rim
• Maximizes blade efficiency and quality of cuts
• Simply cut to sharpen diamond blades
• Small and compact size

Shaw Seam Tape S-20, 3 (QP076)

Shaw Seam Tape S-30 W (QP077)

Shaw Seam Tape S-40 3 (QP078)

Square Corner Carpet Knife Blades (QP003)

Staples for Hammer Tacker Heavy Duty (QP032)

Staples for Pad Pro 75 Hammer Tacker (QP129)

Suction Cup (QP525)

• Maximum vacuum hold to move smooth, non-porous tile, stone and cultured marble
• Vacuum holds up to 88 lbs
• Heavy duty, aluminum frame

Tack Strip Concrete 11/16" (QP368) 5/8" Heavy Duty (QP365)

Tack Strip Wood 3/4" (QP364)

Tile Nipper (QP539)

The QEP Compound Nipper has twice the power of conventional carbide-tipped nippers, but with less effort. Makes irregular cuts on all tile or stone. Ergonomic comfort grip handles. Carbide tips are strong and make cutting easier.
• Durable Premium tungsten carbide nipper tips for accurate and fast cutting
• Rugged drop forged steel body, ground and polished 5/8 in. carbide tipped jaws for accurate and quick cutting
• Cushion grip, comfortable contoured handles are curved for high leverage
• Carbide tipped blades cuts ceramic and porcelain tile
• Compound mechanism is designed for fast cutting, with much less effort than traditional nippers

Tool Box (QP559)

• Strong side handles and durable soft grip lid handle for easy carrying
• Vented nylon seaming plate mounted under tray acts as seaming weight
• Tray provides extra storage for staple and nail boxes
• 3 hardened steel hasps provide secure closure and accept padlocks for additional security
• Baked-on black enamel paint finish

Top Replacement Blade 18” Cutter (QP555)

Tramex CME4

- Clear easy-to-read analog dial.
- No need to probe, drill or mechanically damage the surface.
- Instant and precise readings to a depth of approx. ¾" into the slab.
- Non-destructive in operation.
- Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible, and for easy recording of data.
- Reproducible results.
- Spring-loaded contact pins compensate for uneven concrete

Tramex CME5

Concrete Moisture Encounter

Tramex CMEX2

- Measures up to 6.9% moisture content in concrete.
- Large clear backlit digital display.
- Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible, and for easy recording of data.
- Multi-language options.
- 7% to 40% Moisture Content measurement in Wood using Pin-type probe attachments. (optional)
- Attaches to a reusable relative humidity Hygro-i2 probe for in situ or hood method testing of concrete per ASTM F2170 and BS 8201, 8203. (optional)
- Ambient conditions of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and grains per pound, all shown simultaneously on one clear display. (using optional Hygro-i2 ® probe)

Tramex Flooring Inspection EZ Kit

A compact kit for instant and precise moisture testing of concrete and wood flooring. The Tramex CMEX II digital moisture meter allows the user to non-invasively test concrete per ASTM F2659 and for testing relative humidity, temperature and dew point in the environment, or performing ASTM F2170 for relative humidity readings in concrete slabs. The Tramex heavy-duty wood pin-probe measures the moisture content of wood. The Flooring Inspection EZ Kit comes in a Tramex Easy-travel case.

Trim Puller QP261

A revolutionary new product to help stop the damaging of walls. Save trim, save time, and save cash!

Universal Tapping Block (QP546)

• Pushes planks together without damaging the floor
• Ensures tight seams
• Use with a mallet and never with a hammer

Utility Auto Change Knife (QP041)

Utility Blade (QP008)

Wall Trimmer Blades (QP009)